Use of Staff Lists

In order to accommodate the influx of proxies, downtimes, and scenes, the VMST staff is making staff list use mandatory for all venues.

Only email the VST directly instead of using the staff list if you are convinced there is a COI with a member of that venue’s staff (specifically an aVST).

Why are we using this model?  To be honest: people are busy.  People get busy.  Unexpected and unexplained situations occur.  aVSTs are running plot, both personal and VSS.  It boils down to the most efficient form of communication for the types of games we are running, and if something happens where a VST is out of contact for a bit, their aVSTs, the appropriate aVMST, VMST can step in and help.

Use of these lists is mandatory going forward, unless the VST agrees with the COI notice above.

Chronicles of Darkness (CoD-X):
Masquerade: Anarch/Independent Alliance:
Masquerade: Camarilla :
Masquerade: Sabbat:
Space: The Infinite Edge :
Werewolf: the Apocalypse: