Soft RP and Consensual Challenges

Greetings MES Online,

As many are aware, in the nWoD venues we developed a system called ‘take 6’ to handle consensual challenges in Soft RP.  After discussion with the aNST Online and our BNS VSTs, we developed a similar system for C/A and Sabbat.

This system will be in our new BNS VSSs.

In the case of challenges during Soft RP, use the Everyone Ties System.  Instead of testing, the PCs are assumed to have tied in RPS, and then compare traits as described in BNS:VTM.

Everyone Ties can never be used for challenges that result in Degeneration, aggravated damage, Final Death or Frenzy. Such effects require the scene be frozen until a Storyteller is available to adjudicate the scene.

All uses of Everyone Ties must be consensual to all affected parties.


-James Foster
Virtual Mid Storyteller