Proxies and Live Game Attendance

Greetings MES Virtual,

Just a reminder about proxies and Live Game attendance, as it seems a lot of people have been forgetting this lately.

1) Other IRC Games: All IRC games require sheets to be sent ahead of time. You must send CC the local staff list when you ‘proxy out’ for another IRC game. This is a mandatory requirement.

2) Proxies in general: Whenever you proxy *anywhere*, you must CC the local staff list. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to visit an ally in another domain or proxying to Abu Dhabi to find Nermal the cat, you have to CC the venue staff list in question.

3) Live Games: If you attend a *live* game, you must send a quick notification to the venue staff list in question *within 24 hours* of the game attendance. This was decided upon by all the VSTs, the VMST, and the aNST Online last year. This is mandatory, but we gave you a ± 2 day window (either in advance or after) to do so.

It seems like some of these have been falling by the wayside, but especially #3. These *have* to be done, and if you proxy off the VSS without informing the VST then you haven’t proxied, period. Thanks!

James Foster
Virtual Mid Storyteller