Pregnancy Approvals

Virtual Pregnancy Policy and Application Approval Questions


The following is a document we hope to explain the guidelines for your application, not just what is needed to get approved by the Mid level, but what you will be expected to uphold during the term of your PC pregnancy.

**Due to the sensitive nature of reproduction and fertility, some players may not be comfortable with this aspect of RP. It is up to the player with the approved pregnancy to respect other players’ wishes that do not wish to interact with this aspect. Failure to do such, refusal of requests by staff to correct issues, or anything that we as the Storytellers feels falls into this direction will be met with a PC suspension pending investigation of the matter and review of the Application. All Applications submitted before this document and are still active in Term are not grandfathered. They will be reviewed again with the following document guidelines and questions, submitted for a new approval.

Any in chronicle pregnancy on an MES Online VSS that is not a higher level of approval (or impossible), is now Mid Approval.  This includes pregnancy of an NPC tied to a PC. For the pregnancy to occur, both players must agree, even if the PCs are not aware ICly.

This is not required for pregnancies or childbirth that occurred prior to the chronicle, although if the children are still present, special consideration is required between the player(s) and storytelling staff.

Required Approval: Mid

Notes: Any changes from the original App will need a new one to be submitted, this is to help insure we stay up with the correct progression of your PC’s story as well as the impact it can have on the game.

Below is the section that may be copied and pasted into applications with their answers.



Please remember this is a privilege and not a right and the application and/or PC can be revoked/removed/desanctioned from play for any reason at any time after approval. This Document is written to be as transparent as possible on expectations on both Staff and Player alike. Under each section, after having read, please type “I AGREE” and fill in any information following each section that is requested.

This is to help prevent confusion among staff and players involved.  

1) The Player agrees that while they carry this application, they will fully accept the directions of the Storyteller staff they are playing under. If they feel the directions are in error, they are welcome to appeal the decision AFTER game.

2) Risky Plot: The Player agrees that they will not actively seek out risky plot, such as suspected combat. Too many complications arise from this and unless the plot is designed to account for a pregnant PC, then they are expected to stay away from such matters. Please use common sense and consideration when looking at plots.

*Plot for a pregnant PC to engage in may be requested to help with story progression and fulfilling RP.

3) Antagonistic Behavior: The Player agrees that while their PC is pregnant, they will actively avoid antagonizing other PC/NPC in the venue. This is a privilege application, but it will not make you immune to CvC if you are the aggressor.

4) Combat: The Player agrees that they will not engage in combat while carrying this application. Combat can result in negative triggers and outcomes for all parties involved.

5) Dark Themes: Extremely dark RP, including but not limited to chemical abuse, self-harm, even attempted suicide, will not be explored while carrying this application.

6) Conditions: All pregnancies will be considered healthy and to term. Events such as loss of life via miscarriage, complications and other variants will not be allowed. These do not add the overall story in a positive manner and can result in triggers to Players who have experienced these events in real life.

7) Who Applies: Typically, the player of the PC carrying the child submits the application, however, if the PC is not attached to the Virtual VSS, then the player of the PC attached to Virtual submits the application, even if they are not the PC carrying the child. This is to prevent extended OOC drama and confusion, as well as triggers to members of our Virtual VSSes. This is intended as player agency and protection over those on our VSSes.

8) Pregnancy Terms: Include the date of delivery. It’s handy to know the end date in these applications so its immediately apparent and there’s no confusion. Including how many you’d like to carry (single, twins, triplets, etc) so that accuracy can be guided as accurately as possible, is also asked because these types of pregnancies have different gestation periods and prevent confusion that results from it.

9) Player Agreements: Both Players of the PCs involved will submit a copy of a written agreement here, of the pregnancy for the application even if their PCs do not know at the time.

10) NPC Pregnancies: This will also include NPCs tied to a PC who wishes for the NPC to become pregnant. The same agreements and standards for PCs will be held to the NPC.

11) Babies are NOT plot: After which a child is born, will not be subjected to as plot devices. This includes but is not limited to, abuse, kidnapping, drug addiction. It is expected that the child will become a background element in the character’s lives and during personal RP but they will not be the subject or target of plot.

12) These guidelines and expectations are also expected to be followed while the PC is portrayed in other games and proxies outside of the Virtual Domain. Such as but not limited to proxying the pregnant PC to a known or suspected combat proxy or similar event/game.

The above is not a complete list, and may change based on time or officer. Please ask if the document is pending any changes before you submit an application. This will insure you are using the most up to date document, and save you and the Officers time in review. Further questions will be addressed during the application process.