MES Virtual List Policy

Any member in good standing can subscribe to any of the us-virtual-* lists in an Out of Character capacity. Often announcements cross these lists, such as relevant game information that may not be sent to the Online Games Announcement List or even the US-Virtual-General list.

In Character participation for non-VSS members will be determined by the leader(s) of the Venue on an In Character basis, by whatever criteria those characters see fit. These criteria, along with a list of approved PCs, will be logged on the venue staff list and with the List Moderator. The IC approval can be revoked at any time by the leaders and the criteria can also be changed at any time.

This specifically applies to the following lists on the Mind’s Eye Society list server:

Any MES Virtual Venue Subgroup List will be solely for members of that Venue specific group who are members of the VSS. Visiting members of that group may join the list with IC approval of the group’s leader(s). PCs who have Secondary Status/Court Goodwill/etc. in a group that is not their native group can join the Secondary list with the In Character approval of the leaders of the group (i.e. An Autumn Courtier with Spring Goodwill may join the Spring Court list with the approval of the Spring Court’s “leaders”.). PC Retainers must have the approval of their PC “Boss” and the Leader of the group in question. Retainers will not be eligible for lists that require status for group benefits, such as Covenant lists. Like with the Virtual Venue lists, the criteria and list of approved PCs will be logged on the staff list.