NWoD New Member Guide to IRC Game

Additional information is forthcoming with regards to handling IRC Combat within the Masquerade Venues. Please be patient.

Server and Channel Information:

The first thing you’ll need to do to get started with Mind’s Eye Society on IRC is to get an IRC client – a program that will allow you to make use of the IRC network.  Some of the more popular ones include:

Server: irc.darkmyst.org

Primary MES Virtual Channels:

#mes-virtual-ooc – This is MES Virtual OOC channel, it’s used for RL conversation, and ST announcements before and during game. Members are welcome and encouraged to stay in this channel during games for conversation and so they see any ST announcements.

#mes-virtual-ic – This is MES Virtual Primary IC channel for game purposes. Most games use this as the central game channel, but may use additional or different channels as needed based on the game needs. Additional channels will be listed in the channel topic.

#mes-virtual-challenge – MES Virtual Challenge channel. All challenges are done in this channel with the exception of the pre-game feeding and discipline/arcana/etc. activation.

Conversation and Actions:

Conversational speech is simply just typed into the channel. There is no need for quotation marks in this case.  In the event someone has a need to say something out of character in the game channels, it should be inside parenthesis or it will be considered to have been said by your character.

Private Messages (PM):

Private Messages generally open a second window, especially in mIRC, that can be used to communicate privately with another player or the Storyteller. Most programs, you can double-click on the person’s nick that you want to talk privately to and it will open a second window in your program. Some programs will require that you use the /msg command.

/msg cris hey I need some help.

Would open a private message window with cris that shows your nick and has the text behind it.

<cris> hey I need some help.

Nick changes:

Nickname changes are something that can sometimes happen frequently during a game, especially if combat is initiated. If you wish to change your nick, the command is /nick

For example:

Typing /nick cris-afk

Would show the following in the channel:

* cris is now known as cris-afk


If you wish your character to do something, IRC comes with an “emote” command.

If you type the following into the chat room:

/me waves to the room

You will see:

* cris waves to the room

If you wish your character to take an action as they speak, just add quotation marks to the spoken text.

/me waves to the room “Hello everyone.”

Will appear as the following in the chat room:

* cris waves to the room “Hello everyone.”

Please do not change the text color, as some people change their screen backgrounds and would have difficulty seeing the text if you did.

Combat and Challenges:


Challenges are done in a room separate from the room that the game is taking place in. Challenges should be declared in the challenge channel prior to the roll being made. Some Storytellers request that they are PM’d with the information prior to the roll being made as well.

For Example:

<cris> stabbing the bad guy

<cris> !roll 1d10+8

<GameServ> cris rolled 1d10: 6  <Total: 6(+8) = 14>

The result of the challenge determines your raw pool. Do not post in the room saying that you got 3 successes in this instance, unless requested to by the Storyteller. The Storyteller has the right to impose any situational mods that they feel are appropriate (defense, environmental factors, etc.).


Initiative is placed in square brackets before the character’s name, such as [10]cris or [06]cathy. Additionally, to help save time during combat, Defense, Armor, Damage Taken and any Familiars/NPC Characters acting on your characters behalf will be listed in brackets after the character’s name, in that order, such as [10]cris[3|0|2L3B].

In the case of a tied initiative, the person with the highest base initiative will go first and their initiative mod will look like [10-5] and [10-4] where the 5 and 4 are the base initiative as listed on the character sheet. In the case of a tied initiative and base initiative, a second roll will be made with the final numbers going after the base initiative in the tag (for example, [10-5-8]).

This allows the names to show up in order of action starting from lowest to highest.

Combat is declared in order from highest to lowest initiative. The ST will ask you to declare when it is your turn. When they ask you to declare your action, you may do so either in the challenge channel or in Private Message (PM) to the Storyteller. Roll the dice, and wait for the ST to tell you if there are any modifiers to your pool before successes are declared.