Regional Virtual Domain Contacts

There are 8 eight domain, one per region, that are a part of MES Virtual. Each domain has it’s own criteria for membership and the transfer procedure for these domain is the same as transferring from one physical domain to another physical domain.

You can contact the Coordinators for each group with questions. If there is no Domain Coordinator listed, please contact the Regional Coordinator for questions.

East Central
RC – Robert Recckia –
RVD DC – Denise Lilly –

Great Lakes
RC – Jeannie McCoy –

North East
RC – Tegan M –

North Central
RC – Chad Hunter-

North West
RC – Rachel Holts –

South East
RVD DC – Deb Peltier-Clark – and
RC – Chris Roberts –

South Central
RVD DC – Jeannie Starcher  –
RC – Nicki Boyles –

South West
RVC CC – Shimon Klein –
RC – Nathan Wetzel –

Please feel free to contact the Virtual Community Manager Martin E at