Rokea Grotto


Grotto Name: TBD
Grotto Location: Puerto Rico near Isle De Cabra, Tip of the Peninsula which dips into the Bermuda Triangle.
Grotto Totem: TBD
Grotto Rating: 1
Seed Source: TBD

Grotto Information: TBD


For a brief moment of low tide, the entrance to the grotto is visible to the world.







A graveyard of iron, hewn stone, and wood – shaped into planes, ships, and structures are discarded and forgotten beneath the turquoise waves.






Radar, sonar seem to wish to eliminate the place from all maps.  By all reckoning, the coral-laden cave doesn’t exist.  Saving for a chance sliver of daylight, and the very daring.



There is a quiet in the grotto.






Protected by the deep. The promise of teeth.