BNS Apocalypse VSS


VSS Boundaries: Puerto Rico

VST Name: Cali Crisler

VST Email:,

Domain Code: NT-001-D


Theme: Discovery and Exploration
Mood: Mystery
Setting: BNS MET Werewolf: The Apocalypse


Chronicle Teaser

Oh, gaze ye on the firmament! a hundred clouds in motion,
Up-piled in the immense sublime beneath the winds’ commotion,
Their unimagined shapes accord:
Under their waves at intervals flame a pale levin through,
As if some giant of the air amid the vapors drew
A sudden elemental sword.
    -Victor Hugo


The apocalypse has come, leaving the island a mystery. What has changed? What has remained the same? What new mysteries lie within this new frontier? Come join us and explore what lurks within the darkness of not only man’s world, but the alien world of spirits.


Sept Name: Sept of Gathering Tides

Sept Location: Puerto Rico near Isle De Cabra

Sept Rating: 2

Shard Caern Totem: Dolphin

Shard Caern Rating: 2

Seed Source:  Historical (Dark River)

Grotto: Tip of the Peninsula which dips into the Bermuda Triangle.


Sept Description: A coastal sept which overlooks the vast ocean of the Caribbean. The sept itself is a mix, displaying the diplomatic tendencies of the local sept, of both weaver and wyld defenses, spirits, and other amenities. The main meeting area is a large beach protected against breaches of the veil by several magics held in place.


The beach is on the east side of the island and looks out at the entry of a busy port of San Juan. Characters should keep this in mind, while protected, it is good to be cautious as well.


All visitors, regardless of the acceptance by the nation or not are expected to abide by the ancient rules of hospitality. Refusal to do so will result in IC consequences.

The shard caern is held inside a nearby partially sunken cavern wherein the leaders of the sept may enter and hold their own meetings.


Sept Timeline:

  • 04/15/2012: The Sept of the Silver Passage is formed by El Yunque National park. Headed mostly by Uktena, the sept itself was open to the other tribes of the nation and flourished throughout the years. (PCs may state that they were members of this sept and how they interacted with the former locals).
  • 05/22/2014: The sept goes through a changeup as several of the old guard vanish from the scene, causing several new members of both the Bone Gnawer Tribe and the Glass Walker tribe to step in and take over leadership of the sept. Local spirits learn to accept these urban garou and begin to teach them the way of the Taino to help with the understanding.
  • 06/15/2016: Sept of the Silver Passage destroyed when the wyrm’s forces attacked en masse in an effort to wipe out the local garou. Several individuals fall defending the caern from powerful BSD’s along with several potent vampires of elder generation.
  • 08/15/2016: Shard Caern formed post the historical event.
  • 9/20/2016: The leadership is established amongst the garou, the fera being given a chance to assist in creating the new future.
  • April 2017: Chronicle Starts
  • 7/12/2017: Re-establishment of the Stones of Accord on the sept.


Storyteller Notes

    • Approvals will follow the guidelines set out by the addendum.
      • IC Pregnancies are Mid Approval per MES Virtual Policy
      • Players will be allowed to attach a second PC to the VSS on a case-by-case basis, but it is preferred that only one be placed on the VSS.
    • All local players should have a sheet in excel (or google sheet) format sent to the staff list as an official record.
    • Publicly known information on the sept
    • See something awesome I should know about? Spirit Commendation
      • This is not a farm for fleeting renown. This is a tool to be used to recognize exceptional RP for something that is exceptionally Glorious, Honorable, or Wise within the confines of the game.
      • Filling it out does *not* guarantee an award. Filling it out *only* for packmates or known associates will raise my eyebrows and if you never do it for anyone else, will be ignored.
      • Everyone gets to put up packmates and the like, but to only put them up is not what this is about.
      • Filling it out as if you are someone else, is going to be viewed as cheating. I want to make sure we are acknowledging those players that are going above and beyond and upholding genre.
    • Mailing lists
      • Main List for game, both for IC and OOC purposes.
      • These are our our local lists. All Posting requirements stand.  ([IC Scene], [IC Periphery], etc)


  • Factions (for local garou and fera only):



  • Auspices (for local garou and fera only):



  • Other:


  • Threat levels: Players should be aware any scene during live game has the ability to be lethal. Given the online nature of the scenes, any player may ask for a clarification of what is happening before making a decision.
  • Nicks: Use the following guide when formatting your character’s IRC nick:
  • Members are expected to attend and participate in games in order to be awarded Experience Points. However, we do understand that Real Life comes first. Members who are aware of Real Life events that will affect their game attendance should contact the VST in advance.  The VST is fully empowered to award less XP for characters arriving late or leaving early, at their discretion.  Characters who are in game without activity or simply repeating actions to fake activity will be ejected with no XP awarded.  Players arriving late should check with the VST directly before entering play.  Players leaving early should check directly with the VST for their awarded XP amount unless prior arrangements were made.
  • All downtimes must be submitted to the staff list in order for them to be counted as received. Should a downtime action involve a higher level storyteller, then it will be handled on a case by case basis.
    • Downtimes should be titled “DOWNTIMES <Character Name> <Month, Year>”
    • Inside should be a breakdown of how many downtimes you have and how many you are spending and how many you are saving in reserve.
  • Travel Risks: Umbral Storms have the ability to kick up out of nowhere in true tropical fashion, so incoming players must log their travel actions with the VST.
  • Visitors: Visitors must send a proxy to the storytelling staff along with their intent before being allowed to play within the game. Proxies should be submitted at least 24 hours before a game. PCs attending games must be portrayed by the player of the PC.  If a member of the ST staff has not signed off on the sheet, a player cannot enter game.
  • PCs proxied into the domain must list within their proxy the length of time they wish to stay on the island. Should they not renew their proxy, PCs will be returned to their own vss unless a story or other circumstance holds them on the island.
  • PVP: Pvp happens, though it will not be the focal point on the island. Should PCs enter into PVP, the online venue will follow the rules laid out by the NST.
  • Fera: Players should understand that those not allied with the nation will be given extra scrutiny from the STs and should also accept the risk that local PCs may not treat said PCs with respect
  • Rokea PCs have access to a special Rokea only area, detailed below.  Rokea PCs attached to the VSS to use this Grotto as their home location must also be active members of the VSS.
    • Purpose: To provide an outlet and ease of RP for the Rokea, specifically in regards to the Grotto (Location to be determined).
    • Rules:
      • Only post IC as much as possible.  If an OOC thread is required, making a ‘mirror’ thread with the same subject but OOC tag in the Subject is cool.
      • The MES Virtual ST staff is on this list, namely the VST PR Apocalypse, the VMST, the aVMST CoS, and the Community Manager (our coordinator).  Brian Murphy is also on this list as his NPC addy.
      • Proxy to PR VSS is required to use this list.  This process has been streamlined for Rokea players so they can use this list consistently.  Proxy rules are below.
      • Players are beholden to the PR VSS while on this group.  
      • Try as much as possible to use this group for Grotto.  
    • Proxy Rules:
      • If you are not on the PR VSS, send your sheet to with the subject [Rokea Grotto l RP Group/Perma-Proxy: <PC Name>]
      • This proxy needs to be updated once a month or when your sheet is updated.
      • Your PC cannot be in two places at once. If you are interacting on the Grotto list, your character is considered to be at the Grotto and cannot participate in scenes on their home VSS without the character indicating they have left on the list.
      • You need no other interactions with the local STs in coming and going UNLESS you are intending to interact with local plot or are leaving the grotto to interact with the island (other than coming and going from the airport).