List Setting – Wales


*v.2.1 (updated 3/28/2017)
MES Virtual Werewolf the Apocalypse

Werewolf the Apocalypse
MES Virtual Email List Information
(borrowed and modified from the National List Setting Document)

List Guidelines

  • Lists cannot be infiltrated
    • Exception: Alternate ID x5 (Top Approval)
  • Lists are moderated. It is possible to have posting rights removed for IC and OOC reasons. Access is not a right.
  • MES Virtual Apocalypse Lists have four aspects. The aspect used should be notated in the subject, preferences are noted. If it is not noted, the message will be pulled from sanctioned play by the ST Staff.
    • Actual IC Messages – [IC Periphery] (see List Setting below)
    • Actual IC Scenes/Meetings – [IC Scene]
    • OOC Announcements from the MES Virtual Staff
    • OOC Messages from Players – [OOC]
      • These messages should be kept to the MES Virtual Apocalypse List only.
  • Renown can only be used on lists during IC Scenes/Meetings.
  • Challenges may only be made via lists during IC Scenes/Meetings.
  • Leaving a particular group/faction instantly removes your ability to access a node. Characters do not retain list history.
  • Non-VSS members may join the primary venue list but can not receive Periphery messages. They may participate in IC Scenes/Meetings so long as the PC has proxied to the VSS and the proxy has been approved by the MES Virtual VST Apocalypse – Wales.

List Setting

  • All lists are in-character communications networks created via the Rite of Tapestry, just as the National lists. Via this rite, Garou, Fera, and Kinfolk could communicate with each other and their chosen groups via a hidden umbral network.
  • All lists are umbral networks that can be accessed at any claimed periphery. Any Garou, Fera, or Kinfolk can access that communication node per the listed guidelines. Messages cannot be intercepted or overheard, and access is handled automatically.
    • All messages must be labeled as noted above, otherwise they will be removed from play.
  • Each character accesses a node to communicate with the lists differently. Examples of access methods can be found in the National List Setting Document.
  • The network is not error-proof, and is known to be susceptible to outages during severe umbral storms.
  • Moderation is via a mechanism controlled by the Tribal Council and/or the Fera Leadership of the listed group.
  • This document represents the lists as they are right now.  These settings, any restrictions, and the number of lists can be influenced in game.

List Modifiers

  • Heavy Moderation – Some lists are marked as heavily moderated.  Posts that are irrelevant, against the published setting, trolling, low content, or otherwise inappropriate will be moderated and the posting character removed from the list for a period of time.
  • Consequences – Some lists are marked as having consequences.  Posts counter to the published setting, net-courage, frivolous posts, or shit-talking powerful characters will have direct consequences up to and including character death.  
  • Restricted – Some lists are marked as restricted.  This means that characters are only to post once every 24 hours.  This includes replies.  Violation of this rule will result in removal of list access.

List Descriptions

  • Garou Sept Main List (Heavy Moderation/Consequences) – Primarily for announcements from the Sept Leader and Council of Auspices, however, others may post as well. IC Scenes/Meetings may also take place on this list.
    • Fera who have undergone the Rite of Acceptance have access.
    • Non-VSS members may join, but only have access to IC Scenes/Meetings when invited, and the PC is proxied to the VSS and approved by the VST Apocalypse.
    • Non-VSS members do not have access to messages sent to this list via the periphery.
      • PC Kinfolk and Cubs have access to the list.