BNS Apoc VSS – Wales


VSS Boundaries: Isle of Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom
VST Name: Liam Draper
VST Email:
Domain Code: NT-001-D

Theme: Hope
Mood: Brooding; Exciting
Setting: BNS MET Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Chronicle Teaser

The Sept of the Oak Vale re-establishes itself following an attack that left scant survivors in the final month of 2016. Its new leadership in the form of Ragnar Thorrson, Valhalla’s Mercy, (Athro Get of Fenris Galliard) is intent on marshalling those who heeded the call of Long Hair (Elder Silent Strider Philodox) to join the Sept of the Oak Vale and save what used to be one of the United Kingdom’s largest caerns.

Sept Name: Oak Vale
Sept Location: Pentraeth off of Red Wharf Bay, Isle of Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom. (
Sept Rating: 1
Shard Caern Totem: TBD [OOC: ST Note – Weasel]
Shard Caern Rating: TBD [OOC: ST Note – 1]
Seed Source: TBD [OOC: ST Note – Silver Tara]

Sept Description

The sept is set near Pentraeth a village on the island of Anglesey with a population of 1,178 at the 2011 census. Its Welsh name means at the end of (or head of) a beach, and it is located near Traeth Coch (Red Wharf Bay). There is a small river, Afon Nodwydd which runs through it. The village’s ancient name was Llanfair Betws Geraint. In 1170 it was the site of a battle when Hywel ab Owain Gwynedd landed with an army raised in Ireland in an attempt to claim a share of the kingdom of Gwynedd following the death of his father Owain Gwynedd. He was defeated and killed here by the forces of his half-brothers Dafydd ab Owain Gwynedd and Rhodri. The centre of the village is The Square. It is bounded by St. Mary’s Church and the Panton Arms public house as well as a row of shops called Cloth Hall. This was founded in the 19th century by Benjamin Thomas as a general store. It continued as a grocery store into the 1990s, and is now occupied by a carpet shop as well as a bakery and party-ware hire shop.

Nearby there are a few other small, scattered villages in the area but the sept is mostly woods and fields. There are usually human trails and treks going through the area on tour, guided by some Kinfolk so they don’t interfere in the caern business. This semi-secluded isle was a haven for the Tribes and, to a lesser extent, the Fera. That changed when humans came and over time populated most of the isle. There are many secluded places the tribes can rest safely from the prying eyes. Each year it becomes smaller and smaller. The Oak Vale caern remains undetected by the humans largely due to the efforts of local Garou and Kinfolk so that Gaia’s children may continue on her work unfettered.

A picture demonstrating the proximity of the Sept to Pentraeth and Red Wharf Bay can be found here:

Sept Timeline

22 June 1835 – There is an influx of Garou to the region. A Child of Gaia, Llewellyn, is responsible for the creation of a new sept during the Age of Storms. The Oak Vale. The caern’s strength fluctuates over the years but remains one of the largest and strongest within the United Kingdom.

December 2016 – The Caern is attacked by forces unknown. All but three are killed. Survivors, Aneiren and Delwyn, go into hiding with Grey Fur. Aneiren and Delwyn heal their wounds and with Grey Fur protect what was left of the caern. The Kinfolk do what they can to aide them.

February 2017 – Delwyn reaches out to Long Hair, an Elder Silent Strider Philodox, who arrives from England to check on the caern. Seeing the devastation first hand, he begins to help Delwyn and Aneiren. Long Hair makes a call out to the Garou Nation, asking for willing volunteers to come to Anglesey to aid in the rebuilding of the devastated Sept. Among those who arrive to give aid are: Michael Olsen and Valhalla’s Mercy.


–  PC’s may have visited the sept or have been members of the sept at any time prior to the attack in December 2016.
–  PCs may not have been present or members of the sept during the attack during December 2016 with the exception of those already approved by the VST.

Storyteller Notes

OOC Room
The official OOC room for game sessions is #MES-Virtual-OOC

Approvals will follow the guidelines set out by the addendum.

IC Pregnancies are Mid Approval per MES Virtual Policy


50% Rule
This VSS is geared towards European players in style and game times. A minimum of 50% of PCs on the VSS must be non-MES players.

Secondary Characters
Players will be allowed to attach a second PC to the VSS on a case-by-case basis. It is preferred that only one be placed on the VSS.

Fera Characters
Players should understand that the focus of Werewolf the Apocalypse stories are werewolves. Fera characters share the game world with werewolves and have linked stories to the Garou Nation but their stories are not in of themselves werewolf stories.

A singular Fera character will generally be considered when there are four Werewolf or Werewolf Kin characters in the VSS for each one non-Werewolf or non-Werewolf Kin character. Exceptions may be made depending on character concepts and whether they contribute to the overall story but this is a general rule of thumb.

This means that there should be no more than: 4 Werewolf characters / 1 Fera character; 8 Werewolf characters / 2 Fera characters; 12 Werewolf (or Kinfolk) characters / 3 Fera characters; 16 Werewolf characters / 4 Fera characters; 20 Werewolf characters / 5 Fera characters.

Fera characters that want to join the VSS and are not allied with or accepted into the Garou Nation will be given extra scrutiny before approval is granted.

Players seeking to play Fera characters should bear in mind that local PCs may not automatically treat said PCs with respect. This is no reflection on them as a player, or on their character but a reflection on the game world setting.

Attaching a Character to the VSS
A player must follow the following steps for their PC to be approved for play:

1. Preliminary discussion about the character concept (and/or sheet) via e-mail to
2. Receive permission from the Venue ST to attach the character to the MES Online UK Apocalypse VSS on the Approvals Database
3. Put the character onto the database and attach to the MES Online UK Apocalypse VSS.
4. Submit all appropriate approvals (where necessary) and have those approvals set to approved
5. Receive notification that the PC has been accepted into the VSS.

Activity from MES Players
Where members from MES have characters on this VSS, after zero participation (no emails, no downtime submission, no game attendance) in the venue for three months after having received approval to play, the VST may initiate communication with the player and supervising Storytellers about a forced transfer off the VSS.

Mailing List:
The IC and OOC e-mail list for the VSS is at:

Threat Levels
Where there is a risk of character death or corruption the VST will make clear to players before starting a scene that PC death or corruption is a possibility.

Use the following guide when formatting your character’s IRC nick:

If an IRC nick becomes unmanageable due to following the guide, select the most appropriate tags situationally as appropriate to ensure compliance with acceptable IRC Nick lengths.

Experience Points
Members are expected to attend and participate in games to be awarded Experience Points. However, we do understand that Real Life comes first. Members who are aware of Real Life events that will affect their game attendance should contact the VST in advance. The VST is fully empowered to award less XP for characters arriving late or leaving early, at their discretion.

Characters who are in game areas without making a good faith effort to participate in the game will be ejected with no XP awarded. Players arriving late should check with the VST directly before entering play. Players leaving early should check directly with the VST for their awarded XP amount unless prior arrangements were made.

All downtimes must be submitted a week in advance of the advertised game date to the staff list to be counted as received. Should a downtime action involve a higher-level storyteller, then it will be handled on a case by case basis.

Travel Risks
There are no current risks to travelling to the Isles of Anglesey. Players who intend for their character to visit the Anglesey VSS must log their travel actions with the Anglesey, Wales VST as well as their own VST.

Game Visitors
Visitors must send a proxy to the storytelling staff along with their intent before being allowed to play within the game. Proxies should be submitted at least 24 hours before a game. PCs attending games must be portrayed by the player of the PC. If a member of the ST staff has not signed off on the sheet, a player cannot enter game.

PCs proxied into the domain must list within their proxy the length of time they wish to stay within the boundaries of the VSS. Should they not renew their proxy, PCs will be returned to their own VSS unless a story or other circumstance holds them on the island.

Player vs Player Conflict Resolution (“PVP”)
PvP happens. It will not be a focal point of stories in the VSS. Should PCs engage in PVP whilst in the Anglesey, Wales venue, the rules set by the MES NST will be followed.

A copy of those PvP rules can be found here: