Requiem Venue Style Sheet

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MES Online Requiem
Vampire: the Requiem (LARP)
Dawn Lloyd

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Description of Venue

San Juan is a strange, paradise on earth. It is where your secrets come to dance. Penthouse cocktail parties swing to life on hotel balconies overlooking the town and harbor. All the while, extreme poverty flourishes beneath the bright lights and loud music. San Juan is not only the financial, cultural and tourism heart of the island, but it is also a major transshipment point for all things illicit into North America. And it is with no surprise, that Kindred Society gorges itself nightly on this bloody diamond of the Caribbean.

Mood & Themes:

New v. Old – Entrenched Society number kindred who arrived in the wake of the Spanish colonization during the 16th century and in the decades that followed. The arrival of their ‘contemporary’ American & Foreign cousins that began at the dawn of the 20th century continues unchecked into modern nights. And as tensions rise between these two groups, kindred whisper of alien elders belonging to a Pre-Columbian culture & faith beginning to move in the shadows. What age will survive into the 21st century?

Hollowness of Civilization – Puerto Rico, with its beautiful beaches and world-class resorts, is a major tourist destination in the Caribbean. Yet, beneath this glittery façade and bright lights, it is also a transshipment point for illegal drugs smuggled from South America into the U.S. Mainland. The murder rate in Puerto Rico is higher than in any U.S. state – and it’s roughly six times the national average. After we apply the corruption, oppression and bleakness that makes up the WoD – what is the thing lurking beneath the garish Carnival mask called civilization?

Superstition – The Catholic Church, brought by the Spanish, dominates the discussion with ~85% of the population self-identified as Catholic. Processions and festivals honoring communities’ patron saints are not uncommon. However, practitioners of Santeria and other syncretic Caribbean religions thrive in the shadows of the cathedrals that dot the landscape. Drug traffickers consult spirits on which days are best to transport cocaine while churches are full of worshipers at every Mass.

Storytelling Mechanics

Proxy or Game Attendance – The difference between Proxy vs. Game Attendance has been a problem for some players to understand when it relates to the National Online Games (formerly Four Winds). Proxying a character to a game is to give up control of their character for a Storyteller to control; attending games is when a player is in control of their own character.

Visitor Proxy – Please refer to section VII.F in the MES Universal Addendum for policies regarding Proxy Play. There is no “Soft Proxy” (a proxy that would not require a character sheet or instructions) within the National Online Requiem Venue.

Unless otherwise specified, a character that is in proxy to the National Online Requiem Venue may not be portrayed via any other medium until they have officially been released from the proxy. This includes IRC, email, instant messengers, live journal (or other online journal) posts, as well as any conventional methods or otherwise.

Attending Games – Attending a National Online Requiem Venue Game will require a 48 hour notice to the VST account. This allows the VST an opportunity to review all incoming character sheets/plans and have an opportunity to prepare for the extra players.

At the VST’s discretion, they may permit a PC to play with less than 48 hours notification; however, heavier restrictions may be applied in regards to special approval usage while visiting the venue. The VST reserves the right to deny characters based on inconsistencies on the character sheets. Such denials will be reported to the National Online Mid-ST for tracking purposes within 24 hours of the denial being issued in the event a member wishes to appeal the decision.

Proxy or Game Attendance Format

The following information should be included in all proxies and game attendance notifications:

1. Character sheet with complete XP/Creation Log, which should include notes about any special approvals, precast affects that will be in effect at game start. Also please include the write up for any rituals and merits that may be used that are not found in the Corebook.
2. Details of how your character is travelling to San Juan, Puerto Rico, including any merits, disciplines and/or skills that would aid in your travel.
3. What are your character’s intentions during your visit to San Juan?
4. Who is travelling with you?
5. Is anyone aware of your intent to visit San Juan?
6. An agreement to the following statement: “I have read and understand the Venue Style Sheet for the National Online Requiem Game. I also understand that my visit or proxy to this venue may be terminated at any time, and that I will be contacted for additional information if required.”

For Proxies only, please include the following additional information:

1.  Brief description of your character’s actions/behavior. Include notes on any specific quirks that your character has, including any flaws or derangements that would cause this behavior.

2.  Detailed combat write-up. (While combat may not be intended, it is something to be expected in the World of Darkness) Please include information on when and how your character would flee from a combat situation, information about any skills, merits, etc. that would aid this, as well as information about any characters that you would go out of your way to protect or do harm to.

For VSS members who are attending other live games, you need to e-mail your VST that you are attending a live game and give the location of the game. Character sheets for normal game attendance should be sent to the VST account with the above information.

No Perma-proxy, defined as a proxy that extends more than fourteen days or is otherwise indicative of an attempt to establish a semi-permanent base of operations within the area, are allowed into or out of this venue. After a period of two weeks, the proxy *MUST* be updated or else is considered to be concluded. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis with the Venue Storyteller.

Travel Risks

On the one hand, the massive flow of tourists into and out of the area offers a great deal of cover for visitors who aren’t just in town for the sunbathing. On the other, tourism has a large impact on the area, and as a result, visitors that draw attention to themselves or that stand out receive a greater share of attention than they would in a typical town. Travel, as in most area, is best accomplished by careful preparation. Remember, Spanish continues to be by far the most widely spoken and written language by the Puerto Rican people at large, and the vast majority of Puerto Ricans do not use English regularly other than some loaned English words during their ordinary Spanish-language speech.  Finally, specific threats will fluctuate depending upon a variety of factors, and while the VST will have final say on the degree of danger during any particular trip, it can nearly always be assumed that the risk will be minor, unless the character is a particularly naive individual.

All methods of travel into and out of the domain have greatly increased scrutiny in place, which may cause some travelers additional difficulty, in accordance with Venue plot. While this is not, by itself, a lethal condition, poorly handled interaction will be met with dire consequences and as such all travel arrangements should be made with care. Characters utilizing alternate identities without the appropriate merits to reflect the documentation will find these identities compromised.

A notable exception to the travel rules will be made for National Online Game members who are physically traveling to Regional or National events. Under such circumstances, these members’ characters will have reduced chances of hazards to reflect the fact that they can typically attend only one or two games per year in person. The National Online Game Storyteller Staff does not want to impose a high risk of character death for an event that they may have spent a great deal of money to attend. This exception only covers the National Online Game part of the journey – the other side of your destination may present its own problems.

Downtime Actions

Any downtime report submitted must include the following information. STs may require additional information at their discretion, however this will be the minimal required for any actions.

Cam #
PC Name
PCs Resolve Score (Unmodified)
Any XP Expenditures
Any Resolve Actions

Experience Award Guidelines – 6 XP is awarded for any member who spent at least half the game or more participating. A player who only played half the game or less may not receive any XP, subject to the ST’s discretion. Members who did not send their sheets in more than 48 hours may receive 2 less XP than the full award.

A member may earn up to an additional 4 XP by submitting a Downtime and/or participating in SoftRP, subject to the ST’s discretion. If a member wishes to earn XP by participating in SoftRP, then a copy of the scene must be submitted to the ST.

Other Policies – The Venue employs the following optional rules:

  • Travel and Vampiric Gatherings (Minds Eye Theatre: Requiem, pg. 18)
  • The Fourth Tradition (Minds Eye Theatre: Requiem, pg. 21)
  • Deceitful Creatures (Minds Eye Theatre: Requiem, pg. 162)
  • Disintegration (The Blood, pg. 88)

In addition, the Venue makes use of the District and Site systems to help define San Juan.  (Damnation City, pg. 249-330).