Sabbat VSS

Vampire the Masquerade
Sabbat Virtual VSS “Shadows and Blood”

VSS Boundaries: The island of Martinique, and surrounding waters
VST Name: Adam Smith
VST Email:
Staff List:
Domain Code: NT-001-D
City Type: Sabbat City
Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: None

Sect Boundaries: Sabbat hold the island

Theme: “We survived the War, now can we survive Peace?”

Mood: Driven

Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Chronicle Teaser [Optional]

Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.

– Denis Waitley

Action (Combat and challenges): 3
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 4
Darkness (PC Corruption): 4
Death (PC Death): 3
Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 4
Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 5
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 4
Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4

The Sabbat had claimed a part of the island of Martinique, they quietly built their forces. A nearby Camarilla domain was the target, they had the people gathered and the rituals done to bless their members. The call that came was not expected, all of their efforts and time were wasted. Many have left the island, seeking fights where they can still get them. What remains is those that chose to keep the island. Now, they have a new battle. War is one fight you can expect and handle, but how do you fight a battle when the foe is Peace?

City Description: There are four main parts of the island of Martinique:

Fort-de-France: The main hub of the island. This is where most of the businesses, corporations, as well as the major harbor for the island. The Sabbat have kept tabs on this area, but mostly allow the kine to live as they will. The Camarilla was known to try to infiltrate this part of the island and try to make it a foothold for the island before they stop open hostility.

The international Airport is located here, and has been treated as a mostly neutral territory to allow people to travel to and from the island.

La Trinité: A smaller part of the island, this is a noticeably less populated area but not many are sure why. Those that go in are usually able to report back with not seeing much, or what little was there seems of no concern.

Le Marin: The second biggest part of the island, this is home to one of the oldest churches on the island. Built in 1766, Église du Marin still stands and the most devoted of the Sabbat can be seen near or around it. There are rumors that somewhere is a location that was used by Sabbat in days past, and it can hold treasure and power for those that are able to find it.

Saint-Pierre: After the volcanic eruption in 1902, the Sabbat have used the destruction as a means to move and build a staging ground for their forces. There are a number of safe houses, havens, training fields, as well as places yet to be claimed. What does remain is a mixture of poverty stricken villages that are trying to make it, and some more than well off Art museums.

The main gathering of the Sabbat happens within Saint-Pierre.

The only customs and courtesies upheld currently are those the Sabbat as a whole support.

CIty Timeline:

  • 1902 – Mont Pelée erupts, most of the city of St. Pierre is destroyed. The lone survivor, a prisoner in a jail cell, whispers about praying for survival and an angel answered his prayer.
  • 1910 – The Sabbat have begun to move in more forces in an attempt to build a staging ground for their forces in the Caribbean.
  • 1912 – Those that gather form under a Toreador, Peter Hawthorne, an Antitribu with skills in Vicissitude has been known to constantly change his appearance from major re-work, to minor adjustments. His arrival was driven by personal gain, and his efforts were noticed. Awarded the position of Bishop of Resources, he remained such for a very long time.
  • 1924 – A Lasombra named Mors Umbrae becomes Archbishop over the island.
  • 1943 – The Sword has quietly helped to rebuild the island, using the efforts of Peter to insure they have all the supplies, facilities, and locations they need for their crusade that is to come. Little is heard from the Archbishop, but those that speak out are quickly made examples of by a force of nature that reminds them of who is in charge.
  • 1978 – Peter is summoned off the island by the Archbishop, he leaves behind some to handle the affairs of the island.
  • 1982 – Peter returns to the island, he begins to make drastic moves and changes and at first is accused of stealing his face, but after a few displays from Peter, the Sword moves back into motion under their Bishop.
  • 2010 – The Sword has waited nearly a century, their time has come and they insure the final steps of their plans and invasion is ready. The island goes quiet for a month as all go into a deep silence to prepare for the coming battle. A grand festival is held in part of the island, Peter insures their party is unnoticed.
  • 2012 – Word comes down, Mors Umbrae has issued a cease to the efforts of the island. Peter, furious over the wasted century, disappears after openly challenging the call from the Archbishop. He was last heard calling for Monomacy to remove Mors, and left to carry it out.
  • 2015 – Most of the Sword that was gathered have left. Many just vanished and some just quietly left. There are secrets left on the island from their departure.
  • 2017 – Enter Chronicle Time.

Storyteller Notes

  • No IC pregnancies are allowed/are possible. If you have something of this nature before coming to the VSS, the entire plotkit needs to be shared with the ST staff.
  • Proxies are due at least 48 Hours in advance. While the ST staff *MAY* allow last minute players, the closer to game time the less likely it will be. Proxies to attend game for those not on the VSS are welcome, but are considered to be solely for the night of game, and the night after. Time persisting past this will require a full proxy and approval from the ST.
  • All Proxies with an approval of High or above, need to have each approval noted. This helps insure that the ST staff is aware of anything of this nature and can be prepared if it comes up during the game or event
  • PvP is a part of the game, but the ST staff reserves the right to deny PvP if they feel it is unwarranted. If you are planning to have a ‘killbox’ at our game, please inform the ST staff in advance so we can be prepared for this. For further information, please see the National documents about Proxy Killbox.
  • Positions of IC Authority, (Archbishop, Bishop, and others the ST feels to be such) are only able to be held by those on the VSS. If there arises a situation where this isn’t possible, the ST Staff will consult with players and find a temporary solution while working towards something permanent.
  • Travel on the island is moderately open and people are freely able to travel, if you plan to move around the island please let the ST know where you are starting from, going to, and how you will travel. Special notes should be shared at this time, or they will not be considered in use.
  • Game Attendance should be regularly consistent. I would like to see characters played actively and engaging the game at least once every two months. This helps me know you are still interested in the PC, as well as wanting to upkeep any approvals. If you are unable to make games for an extended period of time to exceed this, please inform the ST so you can discuss options.
  • Feeding will use the BNS system. If you do not use a Technique, Downtime, or Background, you will enter game with blood that is assigned to you by the ST at the announcements. If you wish to enter game with full vitae, please notify the ST directly before the game about this and how you will accomplish it.
  • When a player wishes to give a Good RP Willpower reward to another PC, they should PM the VST or AVST, who will announce the award in channel.
  • Members are expected to attend and participate in games in order to be awarded Experience Points. However, we do understand that Real Life comes first. Members who are aware of Real Life events that will affect their game attendance should contact the VST in advance.  The VST is fully empowered to award less XP for characters arriving late or leaving early, at their discretion.  Characters who are in game without activity or simply repeating actions to fake activity will be ejected with no XP awarded.  Players arriving late should check with the VST directly before entering play.  Players leaving early should check directly with the VST for their awarded XP amount unless prior arrangements were made.
  • The Sabbat VSS is considered a local game for those that do not have the ability to play at a local level. As such, only seriously well thought out character concepts will be considered to be attached to the VSS. This VSS is not a place holder for characters that are not approved at another venue or as a base for a character who will be played elsewhere rather than the attached VSS.
  • MES Virtual is not the home of 2nd High or Top concepts. If you play a High or Top concept somewhere else, you need to play Low or Mid Approval concepts in MES Virtual

Soft RP:

First and foremost, this is NOT a 24/7 VSS and this type of play is highly discouraged. The VST must be notified of any large, organized Soft RP that is planned. Those that act in a negative manner towards those that do not participate will be given a warning, and if it continues, action will be taken appropriately via the Membership Handbook.

In the case of challenges during Soft RP, use the Everyone Ties System. Instead of testing, the PCs are assumed to have tied in RPS, and then compare traits as described in BNS:VTM.

Everyone Ties can never be used for challenges that result in Degeneration, aggravated damage, Final Death or Frenzy. Such effects require the scene be frozen until a Storyteller is available to adjudicate the scene.

All uses of Everyone Ties must be consensual to all affected parties. If any party objects, then it either does not occur or the scene must be frozen until an ST is available.