Camarilla VSS

Blood and Pearls
MES Virtual Hispaniola Camarilla VSS

VSS Boundaries: Hispaniola and associated territorial waters (Haiti, D. Republic & associated territories)
VST Name: Mike Welch
VST Email:
Staff List:
Domain Code: NT-001-D
City Type: Camarilla
Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: Unaligned

Sect Boundaries: The Dominican Republic is Camarilla territory, and recognized as the personal fiefdom of the Prince of Santo Domingo; Haiti is off limits, due to violent clashes with parties unknown, and a history of involvement with Haiti coming back to lead to violence in the Dominican Republic. No haven, modern history, nor territorial claim in Haiti will be sanctioned.

Theme: Excess and Its Limitations: Vampirism in a Tenuous Paradise

Mood: Hedonism, the clock striking midnight, the spectre of scarcity and impoverishment against a receding plenty. Loss of security, loss of prosperity, loss of hope. The emotions and situations engendered should create introspection, doubt, hatred, envy, and rivalry. What one will tolerate, and where one draws the line as to the intolerable, will largely define one’s experience.

Politics: The powers that be on the island are not as entrenched as in many other Camarilla domains; a certain amount of moral and political flexibility is part of life on the periphery. Leaders come and go, but interests and faction are eternal. Orthodoxy and stasis are not the rule of the night, even among the Camarilla– you don’t live through the upheavals of life on a precipice by toeing some other line.

Physical Violence: A background theme; while present and possible in standard gaming scenarios, this will not be a dominant or omnipresent theme of the MES-Virtual Camarilla game; given the limitations on combat and time constraints, I expect most combat will be resolved either between games or in storyteller directed scenes. If you want to start a grand throw down in the middle of the game, expect everyone present to be put into a time freeze while the situation is sorted out with written combat instructions and scene resolution.

Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Chronicle Teaser [Optional]

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

Frédéric Bastiat

Santo Domingo is the oldest permanent settlement in the New World– and perhaps the Darkest. For five centuries, the island has been home to the wars of transplanted kindred– the only constants are change and upheaval. Generations have come and gone, and rulers do, too. What does not change, is the omnipresent threat of grinding poverty and the avarice that stands in contrast to it; the struggle for power is real, and ambition lurks in the hearts of the dead.

City Description: Santo Domingo is a remarkable place– one part Las Vegas in the Caribbean, one part third world slum. The oldest settlement in the New World, Santo Domingo has both a deep history and a promising future. It is among the most violent, corrupt, and dangerous cities in the world; the wrong turn down the wrong street will take someone from the lap of luxury, into a dystopian nightmare in the space of a couple of minutes’ walk.

The presence of the American sponsored mafia is everywhere; in many ways, Santo Domingo is what the Mafia wished for Havana to become, prior to Castro’s revolution– a place where moral turpitude and the law walk hand in hand. Glitz, glamor, bullets and blood. It is all there for the taking.

Current Courtesies:

The Accord of Santa Maria la Menor: All kindred have agreed to refrain from directly manipulating members of the Federal Government and Military of the Dominican Republic, upon pain of death. Failure to adhere to this Accord is considered a violation of the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Traditions; those who are found to violate It are considered to be open season– they may be destroyed even without the further authorization of the Praxis, so long as their violation has been decreed by Her Majesty.

The Division of Hispaniola:

Due to historical events, no kindred of the Camarilla is authorized to make a home, intervene in, or travel to Haiti. Those who flee into that jurisdiction are not to be hunted further, as whatever resides there has never allowed anything that entered Haiti since the time of the proclamation of the Division of Hispaniola to emerge alive.

Important Former Courtesies:

  • (2000): With the Gangrel withdrawal from the Camarilla, the Nosferatu Prince of Santo Domingo declares that any Gangrel found within the territories of the Praxis is not acknowledged, and should be destroyed on sight, it becomes known as the Ban of San Nicholas de Bari. The Tremere lodge a protest with the praxis, acknowledging the key role of Clan Gangrel in bringing past threats to heel. The Tremere walk out of the Court of Santo Domingo in solidarity with the Gangrel. At the behest of the Toreador Harpy, the Prince and the Tremere come to an arrangement, allowing Gangrel to enter Tremere holdings and feed within them, without being subject to the order of destruction. The Ban was revoked in 2010

Timeline: To be Released Separately (I want to put a Hyperlink here to the actual timeline, based on a wiki page)

Santo Domingo is home to a great many important religious and archeological sites. The Church, while profoundly corrupt, also enjoys tremendous power, a third pillar of the community that offers succor from Mafia excess and the abuse of power endemic in government. The Cathedrals of Santo Domingo are known to house schools for ambitious young priests, some of whom, historically, have wielded the power of Faith. Kindred who have thought it wise to interfere have all had a common, fatal outcome.

Storyteller Notes

  • The feeding system is per BNS.
  • Any territorial system implemented will be included here, should one develop before the start of the game.
  • Members are expected to attend and participate in games in order to be awarded Experience Points. However, we do understand that Real Life comes first. Members who are aware of Real Life events that will affect their game attendance should contact the VST in advance. The VST is fully empowered to award less XP for characters arriving late or leaving early, at their discretion. Characters who are in game without activity or simply repeating actions to fake activity will be ejected with no XP awarded. Players arriving late should check with the VST directly before entering play. Players leaving early should check directly with the VST for their awarded XP amount unless prior arrangements were made.
  • Characters originating outside of the VSS should send in their sheets and full proxy instructions no later than noon the day of the scheduled game. Any character submitted after that time is unlikely to be granted admittance in time. Instructions should include a complete character sheet, a copy of any instructions logged with the home VST for securing travel arrangements on the departure end, any instructions regarding securing travel arrangements on the arrival end, and basic emergency instructions.
  • Plot will not be directed towards Elder Characters unless it pertains to their purview per the Elder Standards document.
  • MES Virtual is not the home of 2nd High or Top concepts. If you play a High or Top concept somewhere else, you need to play Low or Mid Approval concepts in MES Virtual
  • MES Virtual is not a repository for those who have local games, but will not attach characters to those VSSes. If you play a character more in a local game, you will be asked to transfer your character to that local game, as your appropriate home; if you persist, the PC will simply be desanctioned.
  • MES Virtual is a standard game, with unique considerations of international transit. Travel incurs real and profound risk. Elder travel has particular hazards, both to and from Hispaniola.
  • “Wouldn’t it be fun if…” is not a character concept. Those things which are genre bending, settings breaking, or that are simply inappropriate due to content will be denied outright.
  • All creation and purchase items are, at minimum, Low Approval. Low Approval should be the hardest threshold of approval to secure in the creation of characters and concepts.