Anarch/Independent Alliance VSS

Blooded Paradise
MES Virtual
Anarch/Independent Alliance VSS

VSS Boundaries: The Bahamas
VST Name: Stacie Keipinger
VST Email:
Staff Email:
Domain Code: NT-001-D

City Type: Anarch Movement established city/Independent Alliance established city
Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: Unaligned
Sect Boundaries: Nassau, New Providence Island (Anarch)/Freeport, The Great Bahamas (Independent)
Theme: Introspection
Mood: Intrigue
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Chronicle Teaser
“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

After a long history of struggle, the Anarch Movement has finally secured and established a hold in the city of Nassau. Meanwhile, the Giovanni and Followers of Set (now the Independent Alliance) have continued to have a firm hold on the city of Freeport since 1955. After the Treaty of Rock Sound in 2014, the vampires and Garou have each laid down arms in an agreement to end conflict as long as each side does not overstep their bounds. With no known threats to Nassau outside of hunters, citizens have the ability to reflect on where they have come, and where they will go as a collective or as individuals, to improve themselves or to help improve the community, both mortal and kindred while avoiding the ire of the hunters.

City Description:

The Bahamas are known for their scenic beauty and year-round tropical weather with many saying that it is paradise with 85% of the population is mostly made up of Africans while also made up of Asians, Europeans, and Hispanics. Nassau and Freeport have become island jewels to which tourists flock.

  • Nassau – a large city taking up New Providence Island and contains 70% of the island’s population. The main part of the city is densely populated. Outside the popular tourist areas, poverty and crime is evident. The island is highly reliant on the tourist for income.
  • Freeport – a city full of life, is part of the Grand Bahama Island which is divided into West Grand Bahamas and East Grand Bahamas. The West side is comprised of hotels and marinas dedicated to tourism, while the East Grand Bahamas is dedicated more to industry and factory work and has more of a lower income population and more susceptible to crime.
  • Andros Island – As the biggest island of The Bahamas, located to the west of Nassau, it is the home of the Garou. It consist of the two national parks of The Bahamas which is under their protection.
  • Great Abaco – The island is located east of The Grand Bahamas and is divided into North, Central, and South Abaco.
    • North Abaco – This part of the islands is known for its warehouses for exports and imports via shipping. It is also known for oil refining of polystyrene products.
    • Central Abaco – This part of the island is known for its resorts and harbors that are away from the busy tourist islands accessible from cruise ships. It also has a very small airport that can be accessed from private planes rides rented from the international airports.
    • South Abaco – This part of the island is known for its beaches and its snorkeling opportunities.
  • Eletheria/Current Island – This is the island located south of the Great Abaco and east of Nassau. This island was used for the meeting between the Independent Alliance, Anarchs, and Garou for the meeting of the treaty.
  • Cat Island – It is located to the south west of Eletheria/Current Island. The island is known for its fishing industry. Many on the island make a living by fishing, and catching such things as lobster, crab, and other seafood.
  • Long Island – This island is a chain of islands and is located to the southwest of Cat Island. This island is known for its prime real estate and extravagant, private homes, ad private islands. It is also known for its fine dining and marinas for yachts. There are many resorts on the island for private getaways. It also has its own international airport on its northern island chain.
  • Crooked Island – The island, located to the south east of Long Island, is known for its rum and salt production. The people in the region rely on the industry and live by more poverish means and live on very little money per week.  

There are various local laws and courtesies of which to be aware. It is the law via the Treaty of Rock Sound that kindred are forbidden from going to Andros Island which is Garou territory. Those that do go forfeit their lives and the protections of both the Baron and the Independent leader. It is also forbidden for a kindred to lay a hand on a garou unless it is in self defense.

Also, it is by law that kindred do not partake in actions that in anyway harm the mortal population. Those that do will be sentenced to the appropriate consequences levied by the government of the respective government.


During its history, The Bahamas has been a home for piracy.  Before gaining independence, The Bahamas was a sight of contestation between the Spanish and the British.

In 1955, the Giovanni and Followers of Set established a strong hold over the city of Freeport. They have held the city ever since. It became the center of their government once the Independent Alliance was formed in 2011.

In 2008, the Sabbat attacked Nassau causing a devastating blow to both kindred and mortals. Kindred banned together in order to defeat the Sabbat. Many lives were lost in the battle, thinning out the Anarch numbers on the island. Due to the event, hunter’s attention is drawn to the island forcing the Anarchs to leave the island in order to escape death. They escape to safety and settle on the surrounding islands around New Providence.

In 2014, the kindred and Garou signed a treaty in order to combat the hunter threat. The treaty designated Nassau as the territory of the Anarch Movement, Freeport as the territory of the Independent Alliance movement, and the Andros Island as the territory of the garou.

Recently, Anarchs have maintained a strong hold on Nassau since 2015 under the rule of the current Baron. The citizens have continued to try to repair the damage that has been done to both the kindred and mortal population.


There are sacred locations within both Nassau and Freeport. In 1958,  Baron Juan Pedro de Castilla of Clan Gangrel sets up a safe haven at the Nassau Library for the Anarchs to gather and has been used since. The Casino at Bahamia built and owned by Halima Innam Alabadi is used as a safe haven for Independent Alliance gatherings.

City Timeline:

    • 1492: Columbus discovers The Bahamas
    • 1550-1630: Piracy is common in the islands.
    • 1648: Charlestown (Nassau) burned to the ground by the Spanish
    • 1670: Nassau is established  
    • 1690-1720: Golden Age of Piracy  
    • 1706-1718: Republic of Piracy was established  
      • During the Golden Age of Piracy, Anarchs established control over Nassau led by Baron Matthias Dubois of Clan Brujah.
    • 1718: British control of The Bahamas reestablished
      • 1720: Camarilla make their way to The Bahamas seeking control over the city. For two years the war between the factions presses on until Prince Abelone De Vries of clan Ventrue establishes control pushing the Anarchs out of Nassau.
      • 1750: Anarchs gather to war with the Camarilla over Nassau, but are outnumbered and forced to flee.
      • 1769-1773: Anarchs work in secret to try to undermine the Camarilla holds through influence of the mortal world.
    • 1776: Nassau captured by America seeking supplies
      • Hunters make an appearance in The Bahamas.
    • 1782: British colony surrenders to Spain during the Anglo-Spanish war.
      • 1800: Sabbat enter Nassau under Prince Abelone De Vries of clan Ventrue’s rule and attack causing damage and destruction. This weakens the number of Camarilla in the city and brings the Hunters take the opportunity to pick off most of those that are left. The Camarilla flee from Nassau.
    • 1807: The Bahamas used as a safe port for slaves.
      • Anarchs as well as the Giovanni and Followers of Set flee to The Bahamas in search of freedom from the Camarilla strongholds within the United States and Europe to The Grand Bahamas with some moving further south to the other islands.
    • 1812: The Giovanni along with the Followers of Set and Anarchs war against each other over control in The Grand Bahamas.
    • 1816: The two parties divide the island with the Anarchs taking the west part of the island as they outnumber the Giovanni and Followers of the Set, and the Giovanni and Followers of Set taking the east side of the island.
    • 1820s: Slaves flee from the US to find freedom in The Bahamas.
    • 1824: Some kindred leave The Grand Bahamas, unhappy with conditions in place, and search out the other islands to stake claim and territory. The kindred run into Garou and fight with them over control of the islands.
    • 1898: The Bahamas opens it’s doors for tourism drawing visitors from The United States and Europe.
    • 1919: Prohibition in the United States fuels tourism in The Bahamas.
      • Spanish influenza sweeps through The Bahamas killing tens of thousands throughout the island, especially on The Grand Bahamas. Kindred are forced south in order to find sufficient food. Conflict with the Garou increases once more. Garou take Nassau.
    • 1927: Eduart Visser of Clan Nosfaratu gathers Anarchs to form a stronghold in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera Island.
    • 1955: Freeport is established by The Bahamas Government
      • The Giovanni and Followers of Set reband together to establish a stronghold under the guidance of Halima Innam Alabadi and try to push the rest of the Anarchs south. Those Giovanni and Followers of Set in the southern islands move back to The Grand Bahamas.
    • 1958: Anarchs are finally fully pushed out and that are pushed south settle once more in Nassau ruled by Baron Juan Pedro de Castilla of clan Gangrel.
    • 1969: Baron Juan Pedro de Castilla is assassinated and Baron Morríghan Walsh of Clan Toreador takes over the city.
    • 1973: The Bahamas becomes a Commonwealth after ending British rule
    • 1996: Baron Corbin Drake of Clan Malkavian takes control over Nassau.
    • 2008: Huge Sabbat attack on the city of Nassau killing civilians and vampires.
      • 2008:  Anarchs lose power after Sabbat attack killing the Baron and what Anarchs are left leave New Providence Island due to hunters attention drawn due to events.
    • 2011: The Giovanni and the Followers of Set of Freeport band together to create the Independent Alliance Sect.
    • 2012: Anarchs return to the New Providence Island and tries to resettle the island, but are met with resistance with the Garou.
    • 2012-2014: For two years Garou and Kindred attack each other for control of Nassau. This brings in an influx of hunters.
      • 2014: In order to stop the two year war and lesson the hunter threat, the three parties sign the Treaty of Rock Sound which designates specific areas for the Garou and Vampires. The Independent Alliance maintain their hold over Freeport, Anarchs gain Nassau, and Garou gain Andros Island.
    • 2015: Anarchs come together to create a home in Nassau.



Storyteller Notes

  • The Anarch/Independent VSS is considered a local game for those that do not have the ability to play at a local level. As such, only seriously well thought out character concepts will be considered to be attached to the VSS. This VSS is not a place holder for characters that are not approved at another venue or as a base for a character who will be played elsewhere rather than the attached VSS. Also, at anytime, a player may not have two characters within the same sect on the vss.
  • MES Virtual is not the home of 2nd High or Top concepts. If you play a High or Top concept somewhere else, you need to play Low or Mid Approval concepts in MES Virtual
  • Characters that are attached to the Anarch/Independent VSS need to be played on the VSS. Those that play outside of the VSS more than within will be asked to move their character.
  • In order for the game to work, there has to be a balance of elders to ancilla and neonates. As such, elder apps will be carefully looked at and accepted based on merit as well as well thought out concepts and apps.
  • Members are expected to attend and participate in games in order to be awarded Experience Points. However, we do understand that Real Life comes first. Members who are aware of Real Life events that will affect their game attendance should contact the VST in advance.  The VST is fully empowered to award less XP for characters arriving late or leaving early, at their discretion.  Characters who are in game without activity or simply repeating actions to fake activity will be ejected with no XP awarded.  Players arriving late should check with the VST directly before entering play.  Players leaving early should check directly with the VST for their awarded XP amount unless prior arrangements were made.
  • Positions of IC Authority, (Baron, Constable, Doyen, etc.) are only able to be held by those on the VSS. If there arises a situation where this isn’t possible, the ST Staff will consult with players and find a temporary solution while working towards something permanent.
  • A player that has two characters attached to the Anarch/Independent Alliance VSS, one being Independent and the other being Anarch, may only have one character in a leadership/authority  position as to avoid COI. Having a position requires consistent activity at game, which makes playing secondaries difficult.
  • A player that has two characters attached to the Anarch/Independent Alliance VSS (One being Anarch and the other an Independent Alliance) may only have one character chase plot that combines both the Anarchs and Independent Alliance. Players will be given one warning in cases of cross-character COI on the VSS. Any other incidences will be handled via the MHB.
  • The Treaty of Rock Sound 2014
    • The treaty was agreed upon on the winter solstice in 2014. In the treaty, the Anarchs are given the city of Nassau, the Independent Alliance is given the city of Freeport, the Garou are given the Andros Island.
    • No kindred is to set foot on Andros Island.
    • The Independent Alliance shall have no involvement in the affairs of the Anarch government or territories.
    • The Anarchs shall have no involvement in the affairs of the Independent Alliance government or territories.
    • The Anarchs and Independence will gather at least once a month to discuss the threats to The Bahamas and both territories. To ensure fairness and that no government has more standing than the other, each sect will take turns hosting the gathering.
    • Kindred shall take no action to negatively influence the lives of mortals on the islands.
  • PvP is a part of the game, but the ST staff reserves the right to deny PvP if they feel it is unwarranted. If you are planning to have a ‘killbox’ at our game, please inform the ST staff in advance so we can be prepared for this. For further information, please see the National documents about Proxy Killbox.

Storytelling Mechanics:

The main language of The Bahamas is English and one can maneuver and interact with the mortal population easily. There are mortals who are multilingual as well speaking Spanish, French, and Dutch.

Feeding System:
Feeding rules are as per the book and addendum, with 1 downtime per month, the Herd background, or the Animal Succulence Technique providing your PC with full blood for the entire month under normal circumstances. If there are plot-caused difficulties with feeding, it will be stated in the game announcement for that game. Characters who have not recorded a downtime for feeding, do not have Herd, or do not have Animal Succulence will start all games at half blood. They may spend 15 minutes out of game per two blood traits in order to feed. This time begins from start of hard RP – if a player shows up an hour late, they are considered able to gain 8 blood traits and enter game immediately.

If a PC must feed during game, they must speak with an ST. While the Herd background allows a PC to feed from it as often as needed, your Herd represents the number of people available for you to feed from on any given night. It should be remembered that feeding causes 2 points of Lethal damage per point of blood taken, and that it is possible to kill someone by feeding from them.

All status, Innate, Abiding and Fleeting, should be put on your character sheet at all times. You must choose which source of Abiding Status your PC will use at each game, as indicated during sign-in.

All visitors to the Virtual Anarch/Independent VSS games are required to notify the appropriate court that is hosting the gathering of their visitations. For those visiting Nassau, Anarchs in good standing will contact the Baron, those not in good standing will contact the Constable, and non Anarchs will contact the Ambassador prior to the start of game. The Baron may choose to require certain individuals to present themselves to him formally at any time, and should he do so this will be announced ICly.

For those visiting Freeport, Independents visiting will contact the Virago to gain permission for entering the territory. Those who are not of the Independent Alliance are to contact the Hatchet of their visitation.

This is a shortcut to prevent needing to take up the entire first half of every game with introductions.

When a player wishes to give a Good RP Willpower reward to another PC, they should PM the VST or AVST, who will announce the award in channel.

Inactive PCs:
PCs who are not portrayed for 4 months in any forum will be marked as inactive in the database. The player must contact the VST before reactivating the PC in order to discuss the state of the venue and IC reasons for their PC having been missing. Inactive PCs do not count towards any venue caps.

Soft RP:
First and foremost, this is NOT a 24/7 VSS and this type of play is highly discouraged. The VST must be notified of any large, organized Soft RP that is planned. Those that act in a negative manner towards those that do not participate will be a warning, and if it continues, action will be taken appropriately via the Membership Handbook.

In the case of challenges during Soft RP, use the Everyone Ties System. Instead of testing, the PCs are assumed to have tied in RPS, and then compare traits as described in BNS:VTM.

Everyone Ties can never be used for challenges that result in Degeneration, aggravated damage, Final Death or Frenzy. Such effects require the scene be frozen until a Storyteller is available to adjudicate the scene.

All uses of Everyone Ties must be consensual to all affected parties. If any party objects, than it either does not occur or the scene must be frozen until an ST is available.

Game Attendance Notification:
Games on the Anarch/Independent VSS are considered “live games” in which the player actively portrays their PC with full control over that PC. They are NOT proxies. All players visiting for a Virtual game must send a copy of their character sheet and XP log to prior to attending game. This sheet must be approved by the Anarch/Independent VST before the character may enter play. All PCs must be signed in or no XP will be awarded for that game. A Game Attendance Notification for the Anarch/Independent VSS allows the PC to be present the night before, the night of, and the night after game without sending an additional proxy.

It is strongly recommended that character sheets and game attendance notifications be sent at least 48 hours prior to game. This allows the VST an opportunity to review all incoming character sheets/plans and have an opportunity to prepare for the extra players. At the VST’s discretion, they may permit a PC to play with less than 48 hours notification; however, heavier restrictions may be applied in regards to special approval usage while visiting the venue. The VST reserves the right to deny characters based on inconsistencies on the character sheets. Such denials will be reported to the MES Virtual Mid ST for tracking purposes within 24 hours of the denial being issued in the event a member wishes to appeal the decision.

Players whose PCs are on the Anarch/Independent VSS must send an email including their character sheet notifying both the hosting VST and the Anarch/Independent VST of game attendance if they decide to visit another game, regardless of whether it is a live game or an IRC-based game. This must be sent no later than 24 hours after the start of the game they attend, and it is strongly preferred that it be sent before game start.

Travel Risks:
Tourism has a large impact on the area, and as a result, visitors that draw attention to themselves or that stand out receive a greater share of attention than they would in a typical town. Visitors to the Bahamas subject themselves to travel risks which will very in severity depending on the current happenings on VSS. Players must state how they travel to and from the VSS to ensure they do not draw attention to themselves and avoid as much travel risk as possible. No background dot expenditure is required, but doing so would make travel safer/ unobservable.

Proxy Rules:
There are two different types of proxies applicable to the Anarch/Independent VSS. The first type is a proxy to game, where the player gives up full control of their PC to the storyteller for the duration of game. Unless otherwise specified, a character that is in proxy to the Anarch/Independent Venue game may not be portrayed via any other medium until they have officially been released from the proxy. This includes IRC, email, instant messengers, live journal (or other online journal) posts, as well as any conventional methods or otherwise.

The second type is an extended visit proxy, where the PC is visiting the city for a long period of time but is still largely under the player’s control. These PCs have full access to all communications forums unless specified in the proxy or by the ST that they are in proxy lock or time freeze.

There is no “Soft Proxy” (a proxy that would not require a character sheet or instructions) within the MES Virtual Anarch/Independant Venue.

 No Perma-proxy, defined as a proxy that extends more than fourteen days or is otherwise indicative of an attempt to establish a semi-permanent base of operations within the area, are allowed into or out of this venue. After a period of two weeks, the proxy *MUST* be updated or else is considered to be concluded. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis with the Venue Storyteller.

Proxy Format The following information should be included in all proxies to or from the MES Anarch/Independent VSS:

  1. Character sheet with complete XP/Creation Log, which should include notes about any special approvals, precast effects that will be in effect at game start.
  2. Details of how your character is travelling to Nassau, The Bahamas, including any merits, background, disciplines and/or skills that would aid in your travel.
  3. What are your character’s intentions during your visit to Nassau?
  4. Who is travelling with you?
  5. Is anyone aware of your intent to visit Nassau?
  6. An agreement to the following statement: “I have read and understand the Venue Style Sheet for the MES Virtual Anarch/Independant Game. I also understand that my visit or proxy to this venue may be terminated at any time, and that I will be contacted for additional information if required.”

The following information is also required for ALL proxies to an Anarch/Independent VSS Game, and is required for proxies of PCs attached to the Anarch/Independent VSS when being proxied to another VSS.

  1. Brief description of your character’s actions/behavior. Include notes on any specific quirks that your character has, including any flaws or derangements that would cause this behavior.
  2. Detailed combat write-up. (While combat may not be intended, it is something to be expected in the World of Darkness) Please include information on when and how your character would flee from a combat situation, information about any skills, merits, etc. that would aid this, as well as information about any characters that you would go out of your way to protect or do harm to.

For VSS members who are attending other live games, you need to e-mail your VST that you are attending a live game and give the location of the game. Character sheets for normal game attendance should be sent to the VST account with the above information.

Downtime Actions:
Any downtime report submitted must include the following information. STs may require additional information at their discretion, however this will be the minimal required for any actions.

PC Name
Morality Path and Rating
Number of Downtime Actions and source of extra actions if any.
Any XP Expenditures
Any Background Upkeep/Maintenance
Any Follow-up/Personal Actions


Downtimes – PC Name (This should be the email title.)
4 Downtime Actions (3 + Computers Ability)

Action 1: What I’m doing this month!

Influences, Elite:
Police – Action Taken

Bloggers – Information requested

Bikers – Action taken and applicable stats if any

Resources – Any use/expenditure of Resources

Base Experience Point Awards:
Games: 6 XP
Downtimes: 2 xp per downtime
Soft RP: 1-3 XP per scene.

IRC Nicknames
The following things must be included in your nick if active/or applicable
We do use Visitor/Local indicators [V]/[L]
Powers that affect character in a notable way: Ex: Mask of 1000 Faces – [M1K]
Merits that affect character in a notable way : Ex: Personal Masquerade – [PM], Whisper of Life – [WoL]
Flaws that affect character in a notable way: Obvious Predator – [OP], Eerie Presence – [EP]
Humanity equal to or lower than 3 – [H2]
Humanity equal to or higher than 6 – [H6] or [H7] as appropriate
On a path other than Humanity – [Inhuman] or similar
Please put the source of your Abiding Status in your nick if you are not using your Social Class Abiding Status. I.E. [Prim], [Shf], etc
Please indicate Social Class in your nick with [Elder], [E], [Neo], or [Anc] as your nick allows. Characters with Machiavellian Prodigy should indicate the social class granted to them by that merit.

Example PC Name:
[L]Brenda_Wilson[PM|Chlk|InfB] – This character is a local who has Personal Masquerade, Childlike, and Infamous Brood.
[V]Sasha_Cross[Arc|M1K|1eye|H3] – This character is a visitor who is an Archon, has Mask of 1000 Faces active, has one eye and is Humanity 3