Venue Style Sheet

Approval Number: USA-NET-MA-1403-015247

VSS Name: La Perla del Sur

Domain: MES Online (NationalVSS)

VSS Physical Boundaries: Online

Storyteller Chain:

Usual Game Time and Place:

  • Dates:  Dates vary
  • Time: Sign-in is at 7:00 pm est: Game On is at 8:00 pm EST
Rating and Description
Never Present 1
Sometimes Present 2
Often Present 3
Usually Present 4
Always Present 5


Style of Play and Ratings
Action (Combat and Challenges) 3
Combat (PvE) 3
Combat (PvP) 2
Character Development (Personal Dilemmas / Choices) 4
Personal Character Development/Storylines 4
Intellectual Challenges/Puzzles 4
Darkness (PC death or corruption) 4
Drama (Ceremony and grand story) 3
Intrigue 3
Politics (Politics and Negotiation) 3
Social and Political Intrigue and Interaction 4
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure) 3
Mystery (Enigmas and Investigation) 4
Pace (How fast do stories emerge, develop and resolve?) 3
Downtime actions, stories and research 3
Long-term storylines (3+ months) 4
Short-term storylines (3 or less months) 4

The Golden Rules:

A: If you sign in to play Awakening at MES Online, it is assumed you have read the VSS, and are aware of the VSS and it’s restrictions and information.

B: When you are speaking to the staff about a mechanic please include the name, page title and book for the mechanic along with a brief description. There are time where the staff may not have the books handy, so this will be helpful to everyone involved.

C: All correspondence should be sent to emails to the ST directly should be cc’d to the list.

D: Per the Universal Addendum 0.E, Any ST with jurisdiction over your PC may deny entry into play or as for the removal of items on a PC that they feel does not fit the venue.

Venue Description:

The 21st century has brought a semblance of peace to the Consilium located in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The Consilium has rebuilt itself into a stronghold of the Nation, with a Ruling Council that has served for over a decade at this point. The enemies of the Pentacle, however, are not entirely defeated. They, too, are taking an opportunity to rebuild, and still making strategic strikes against the Pentacle when they see weakness or stagnation. Who will come out “on top” in the decades to come? It is time to find out.

Venue History:

See the timeline listed here:

Themes and Mood


In addition to the themes presented in Mage: The Awakening pp. 388-389 and the themes presented in the National Style Sheet the following themes will have an influence on the MES Online Awakening Venue:

The Great Mysteries – The world is full of things we do not know, do not understand or aren’t aware of. One of the strongest urges of the awakened is to become aware, to understand, to learn. There is so much out there to explore. To paraphrase a line from a popular movie:

Yesterday, you knew there were no such things as mages. Today, you know there are. Imagine what you will know tomorrow.

Yet – you have to keep so many secrets. So much information you just *cannot* share.

Walking the Path – What is the right thing to do in the face of the fact that you have unimaginable power and face very real dangers in your life and work? What does this power require you to do? What does it entitle you to do? What is the *right thing* your opinion? How will YOU answer the questions posed by the mysteries you solve?

United we stand: Divided we fall – Mages are social creatures, because in essence, they’re humans with special talents. They have enemies and troubles. A Consilium that is able to unite will be able to stand and repel attacks from the various dangers to the Pentacle. One that is bickering internally and full of strife may not even notice dangers until the threat is imminent.


Awe,Wonder…and Despair.

The Awakened are privy to so much secret knowledge, and are trying to learn so much more. There is always something new to discover or learn, always something awe-inspiring. Yet, for all this wonder, so very little real progress is being made. How can we make the world a better place, with all the difficulties that plague us?

Storytelling Mechanics

Proxy and Game Attendance

MES Online permits in both person attendance and proxy play. Soft RP is not permitted. If you have questions regarding proxy play, please refer to the MES Universal Addenda for requirements. If you are in attendance at a game, you may not also portray your PC via proxy elsewhere through any medium. This is in effect for visitors and locals of the events.

Visitor Proxy

Please refer to section VII.F in the MES Universal Addendum for policies regarding Proxy Play. There is no “Soft Proxy” (a proxy that would not require a character sheet or instructions) within the National Online Awakening Venue.

Unless otherwise specified, a character that is in proxy to the National Online Awakening Venuemay not be portrayed via any other medium until they have officially been released from the proxy. This includes IRC, email, instant messengers, live journal (or other online journal) posts, as well as any conventional methods or otherwise.

Attending Games

The following is for both visitors and those attached and proxied to the VSS:

  • 48-Hour notice (so that an ST can review your sheet and your ST can approve it)
  • Copied to your local venue storyteller. Failure to include your storyteller may result in a denial of proxy/attendance.
  • If a proxy is submitted to a live game, a person must be available to portray your PC. If someone is not available, your PC will be present in the city, but not portrayed at the game.
  • Convention Play is an exception to all travel rules. Players are requested to provide a travel notice, but are not required to.

Proxy or Game Attendance Format

The following information should be included in all proxies and game attendance notifications.

  • Character sheet with complete XP/Creation Log, which should include notes about any special approvals, precast spells that will be in effect at game start. Also please include the write up for any spells, merits that may be used, or legacies that are not found in the Corebook. Along with this, an agreement to the following statement: “I have read and understand the Venue Style Sheet for the National Online Awakening Game. I also understand that my visit or proxy to this venue may be terminated at any time, and that I will be contacted for additional information if required.”
  • Details of how your character is travelling to Ponce, Puerto Rico, including any merits, spells and/or skills that would aid in your travel. If you are travelling with Space 4: Portal, please provide the location where you will be opening the portal.
  • What are your character’s intentions during your visit to Ponce?
  • Who is travelling with you?
  • Is anyone aware of your intent to visit Ponce?
  • Any items being brought with you, such as equipment or weapons

For Proxies only, please include the following additional information:

  • Brief description of your character’s actions/behavior. Include notes on any specific quirks that your character has, including any flaws or derangements that would cause this behavior.
  • Detailed combat write-up. (While combat may not be intended, it is something to be expected in the World of Darkness) Please include information on when and how your character would flee from a combat situation, information about any skills, merits, etc. that would aid this, as well as information about any characters that you would go out of your way to protect or do harm to.

For VSS members who are attending other live games, you need to e-mail your VST that you are attending a live game and give the location of the game. Character sheets for normal game attendance should be sent to with the above information.

No Perma-proxy, defined as a proxy that extends more than fourteen days or is otherwise indicative of an attempt to establish a semi-permanent base of operations within the area, are allowed into or out of this venue. After a period of two weeks, the proxy *MUST* be updated or else is considered to be concluded. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with the Venue Storyteller.

Travel Risks

On the one hand, the massive flow of tourists into and out of the area offers a great deal of cover for visitors who aren’t just in town for the sunbathing. On the other, tourism has a large impact on the area, and as a result, visitors that draw attention to himself or herself or that stand out receive a greater share of attention than they would in a typical town. Travel, as in most areas, is best accomplished by careful preparation. Specific threats will fluctuate depending upon a variety of factors, and while the VST will have final say on the degree of danger during any particular trip, it can nearly always be assumed that the risk will be minor, unless the character is a particularly naive individual.

An exception to the travel rule is in-person Convention games. Because these are in-person attended and paid for, MES Online will not engage in character targeting plot effects that would not allow a PC to attend a game unless they are otherwise incapacitated or unable to attend *any* events.

Guidelines for Visitors

Visiting characters can expect to encounter a myriad of NPCs and PCs from different power levels, venues and abilities.

Combat is not anticipated to be a common occurrence, but it is always a possibility, and the fact that National Online Games are conducted online does not in any way decrease the finality of character death suffered while attending them. Non-combat conflict, especially of a political nature, is expected to be common. The in-game consequences of such conflict are likewise as serious as those resulting from a more conventional game

Administrative Mechanics

Venue Addendum

Player Behavior: The following is in affect for the VSS:

  • Be respectful to players and storytellers. There is a golden rule in the Universal Addenda, utilize it.
  • Know your material. The ST staff may not have time to sit down and explain how your mechanics work during game. It is your responsibility to read the rules and familiarize yourself with your mechanics.
  • Keep the database current – this makes it easier for storytellers to craft plot and answer downtime questions.
  • STs make rules calls for the betterment of the game. If you disagree with a rules call, please wait until the conclusion of the game. Arguing with an ST during game is a way to get yourself removed from the game and further disciplinary action taken.

Languages Suggestion: Spanish is the primary language in Puerto Rico and for the VSS.

Sanctum Notification: Sanctums should be detailed constructs that are on file with the VST. A single Google document that contains points, members and a write-up should be on file with the VST.

Hallows: As per the MES Universal Addenda

Starting Mana: Players add their Willpower dots to any dots they may have in the Hallow Merit (or total dots in a shared Hallow Merit) to determine the number of Mana points they start the session with.

Regaining Mana: Oblations, Spells and Downtimes maybe used to regain fuel. This is as per the book.

Status Guideline: Per the MES Awakening Addenda

Apostates Guideline: Apostates are an advanced concept and require that the player submit a low approval application explaining how the Apostate learned magic, survived and that they understand they are playing a difficult character concept.

Newly Awakened/In-Game Awakening Mage Guidelines: These concepts require low approval prior to bringing the PCs in game. Both of these begin with no status and may not begin with more than one dot of Gnosis, no rotes, no Order Status, and no Legacy. In-Game Awakenings may not use creation or MC experience on any rotes, gnosis or arcana. Newly Awakened Mages may only utilize creation points and experience on rotes, gnosis and Arcana.

Fair Escape (the “No Flouncing” Rule): Fair Escape requires ST permission. They are the final adjudicator of whether or not a PC is able to fair escape. If you leave IRC without fair escape being called, the ST reserves the right to continue portraying your PC until fair escape can be called. In this situation your PC will take any and all attempts to escape the situation, including ignoring those around you, dropping weaponry and refusing to attack those around you. Your PC is considered frozen and you will be emailed a resolution of the scene prior to being unfrozen.

Character Creation Documents: All character creation documents are required to be in the database at low approval prior to the XP being awarded.

Character Creation: Per the MES Addenda

Character Restrictions: In order to hold an IC job in MES Online Awakening, your PC is required to be on the VSS. STs are not permitted to hold an IC position of authority. The VST reserves the right to restrict character types and concepts if they are not appropriate for the game or game balance. Specific character types will be listed on the wiki. An ST reserves the right to lift or review the restrictions at any point as an exception. Players should open dialogue with the VST prior to applying for a restricted character type or concept.

Traumatic Events Policy: Please be respectful. This is a World of Darkness, and any game should be considered to have the trigger warning applied to it. If a player is not comfortable with the topic or discussion, either mute the thread, or they may elect to leave a scene so long as they are not in combat. Their PCs are considered to have ICly excused themselves and cannot be targeted for negative consequences.

Pregnancy: Any in chronicle pregnancy on an MES Online VSS that is not a higher level of approval (or impossible), is now Mid Approval. This includes pregnancy of an NPC tied to a PC.

Soft RP: Soft RP is permitted during non-game times. Should challenges occur, they should be considered consensual and either mediated or the “take 6”. Logs are required to be sent to the presiding ST within 24 hours of scene completion. If the logs of are of an adult nature, a summarized/gloss-over summary can be provided.

Downtime Actions

Downtime actions should be as per the MES Universal Addenda and should be detailed and complete. The VST may award anywhere from 0 to 4 experience.

Experience Award Guidelines

The VST can award a maximum of 6 and a minimum of 0 experience points per game attended, at their discretion. The VST is not obligated to award the maximum, and may take such things as overall in- character participation, role-playing, and time spent in game into account.