Mind’s Eye Society Virtual

MES Virtual is the central virtual community with a strong history within Mind’s Eye Society. Its main members are drawn from the 8 regional virtual domains.  Any member may participate in the  National Online Virtual games as a visitor.  Approval from the ST and Community Organizer is required to base your character out of an MES National Virtual VSS.  This is usually done when travel to the nearest local game is difficult. Membership in one of the eight Virtual Regional Domains is not required to participate or have a character based out of MES Virtual. Any member is eligible to participate in the offerings of MES Virtual.

Membership in a Regional Virtual Domain is open to anyone who meets criteria established by their Regional Coordinator. Some example criteria include living more than thirty miles away from an existing physical chapter or having a medical condition that makes attending live games impossible. If you feel you might be eligible for for the Regional Virtual Domain, then feel free to contact your Regional Coordinator to find out more about joining the Virtual Domain for your region. You can also contact the MES Communities Manager, with any questions about MES Virtual at communities.manager@virtual.mindseyesociety.org.